Programa de pastelería y panadería


Using the seasonal and freshest ingredients you will get to know the diversity of the traditional Spanish desserts and the new trends that the market demands.

In these baking and pastry classes an introductory class will be offered to learn how history has reflected the sweet side of the Spanish gastronomy and you also will:

  • Discuss ingredients commonly used in sweet Spanish preparations.
  • Prepare a selection of traditional and contemporary Spanish desserts, from regional specialties, varieties of pastries such as alfajores, mantecados or bollos blancos de portillo.
  • Apply innovation to tradition and learn how to enhance the dessert plating techniques.


  • Extracurricular activities will be offered in the evenings. This will involve having the opportunity first hand to visit food producers and understand their philosophy on how the final product gets to your table.
  • A weekend field trip will be included as part of your experience, in this trip you will be exposed to the other food related sites and cultural wonders that Spain has to offer.
  • Visit cities such as Segovia, declared human heritage by UNESCO, where the bi-millennial aqueduct and the impressive Alcazar stand. Taste the exquisite suckling pig at Cándido´s while you visit the kitchen with the main chef of one of the most classic restaurants in the country. Explore the young heart of the old city of Salamanca where one of the 4th oldest universities in the world stands.
  • Join musician Paco Díez, an ambassador of Iberian Traditional Music, who will prepare a local meal and will top of the evening serenading, becoming a memorable experience in a 17th century underground cave.


Our talented Chef – Instructors come from a variety of culinary backgrounds. Beyond their impressive credentials and the best knowledge of our history, culture and gastronomy. They all master a deep commitment to share with our students.

Chef Julián Arranz

Julián Arranz is the third generation of the Pastri Chefs saga of the Arranz pastry shop. Son and grandson of pastry chefs, started his education at the CETECE of Palencia for one year to continue his studies at “Escuela de pastelería del gremio de Barcelona” where he graduated four years later. Here he enhanced his education by also working with some of the most renowned Pastry Chefs in Barcelona such as Oriol Balaguer or Takhasi Ochiai.

His education continued with the most known worldwide professionals assisting to courses given by Paco Torreblanca, Federic Bau, Yaan Deutche, Ramón Morató, and Carles Mampel. After working at the Pomme Sucre pastry shop in Gijón, he comes back to his family business applying his freshly renewed ideas and is here where next his father Raúl.

Chef Nacho González

A master baker and pastry Chef, born in Valladolid, he started working in the family bakery. Educated under great professionals in the sector, he shares his passion of teaching since he holds a degree in education.

Since 2002 he teaches baking and pastries classes in different schools in Castilla y León. He got the third place in the “Dulcería 2007” competition and a recognition for the best dessert of “Tierra de Pinares”.

Currently he is in charge of the production of “the Otana” bakery leading a project with the different City Halls of the region helping the baking and pastry industry.


“Every day we got to try a new food, work with a new chef or learn another word for “to cut”. We experienced the gastronomy of Spain from farm to kitchen to table from the experts. It was a privilege to work with so many talented, generous and helpful people. Angel and Chef Joseba put their personal lives on hold for two weeks to lead to all of our activities participating in the professional experiences as well as the cultural side trips. We were treated to insights to the country and the regions we visited that cannot be experienced by tourists. Our students fell in love with Spain and we will be back!”.                                                                Linda Svendsen – Iowa State university

“En Agosto del 2011 tuve la oportunidad de participar en un curso de introducción a la cocina española en la Escuela Internacional de Cocina Fernando Pérez. Dicha experiencia supero mis expectativas ya que el programa consistió en clases prácticas con chefs reconocidos y con mucha experiencia, todo ello con compañeros de Estados Unidos, lo que me ayudó a praticar mi inglés. Aparte de dicha formación práctica la EIC complementó el curso con visitas guiadas a fábricas de alimentos y restaurantes de la región de Castilla y León.


Valladolid is located in the western part of Spain and less than 60 minutes by train northwest of Madrid. It is the capital city of the autonomous region of Castilla and Leon, it shines by the architectural diversity, class, sophistication and his people.

Valladolid played a prominent role in the history of Spain, it was here that king Fernando and Queen Isabel married in 1469 and it served as venue of the Spanish Court in several occasions during the Middle and Modern Ages. It was also a meeting point for explorers, such as Fernando de Magallanes who came here to discuss his navigation plans, it was the city of residence for Miguel de Cervantes, writer of Don Quixote and the place where Christopher Columbus died.

A city of Kings, Queens and prominent figures which left in Valladolid an imprint and heirloom of the Spanish history.


The students that came to the summer school, need to have a minimum of food industry experience or to be currently enrolled in a culinary program and be able to communicate in English or Spanish. Skill level: Intermediate.

Class Size: No more than 24 people

Dates: 1st session 22 June to 6th and 2nd session July 6th to July 20th

** Candidates for the first session can sign for a 3rd or 4th week extra at a special price.

Schedule: 1,5 hours a day of Spanish language classes, 4 hours of culinary hands on classes, half day field trips and much more!

A week Schedule Example:


Price per Block (Two Weeks):

  • 1600€ (Payment before May 1st)
  • 1850€ (Payment after May 1st)

Extra Week (Optional):

  • 700€ (Payment before May 1st)
  • 880€ (Payment after May 1st)

What is included in the tuition fee?

  • Shuttle service from and to Madrid airport
  • A total of 75 hours of classes per block
  • 2 half day field trips per week
  • 1 weekend trip
  • Health and accident insurance during the program
  • 24 hrs. emergency contact
  • Extracurricular activities

Accomodation fees:

Half board refers to Breakfast and Lunch included.

Full Board refers to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included.

*Upon request and subject to availability, breakfast is not included.